About Us

Barbershop music is a style of a cappella music (voices without instruments) characterized by homophonic melody notes. Barbershop harmony gives each of the four parts its own role: the lead sings the melody, the tenor harmonizes, the bass sings the lowest notes in the song, and the baritone rounds out the chords. Barbershop quartets remind us of a purer, simpler time in America and were born in the early 1900s in the U.S. For fun, showmanship and nostalgia at your next event, consider hiring a barber shop quartet!!

Nick, Pat, Dan, and Jim have a combined total of nearly a century of close harmony singing experience under their belt, and have been performing together in this iteration since 2019. We pride ourselves on our ability to bond with an audience through both classic barbershop songs and standards of jazz and modern vocal music. Performing in venues across the state to spread our musical message has brought us so much joy throughout our time together

Ovation has performed in many different contexts and capacities ranging from local theaters, charitable events and attractions across the state. We have served as strolling entertainment at trade shows/conventions, lobby performers for theater galas and concerts, flashmob-style surprise restaurant entertainment, an onstage opening act, and even a headliner! We can create an intimate concert experience for an all-ages crowd. Or as the pre show entertainment/opening act for an evening already planned, we can bring the existing event up another notch. 

Tenor - Nick Buonvicino

Lead - Patrick Cerillo

Baritone - Jim Rohn

Bass - Daniel Hutchinson

Nick Buonvicino

Nick first experience listening to barbershop  music came in high school where he heard four of his classmates sing "Goodbye My Coney Island Baby" for the spring choral concert back in 2008.  From that moment on, Nick was hooked, and wanted to sing in a barbershop quartet. He got the opportunity in his senior year of high school  in 2011 where he sang tenor for the song "Sweet Adeline."  Nick would later on go to college at Kean University where he studied and received his Bachelors in Communications. But even though he majored in Communications, he heart always belonged to music. So much so that he spent his entire college career singing with Kean's concert choir, chorale and men's chorus. Fun fact, Dan recruited Nick to join the concert choir at Kean. 

Nick would later join Dan in the quartet Garden State Sound singing lead in the group, while Dan sang (you guessed it) bass. The group performed around the tri-state area, and also opened for the world renowned acapella group VoicePlay at Union County Performing Arts Center. Later on, Nick was recruited by Dan to join the Brother In Harmony Chorus in Hamilton Square, New Jersey., and subsequently joined the Barbershop Harmony Society in 2019.  He is currently singing tenor for the chorus. From there, he met Jim and Pat, and the rest was history.

Outside of singing barbershop, Nick is an active member of the New Jersey community theatre circuit performing mostly musical theatre, and also works in the arts administratively with Performers Theatre Workshop in Millburn, NJ. Nick was last seen in Red Bank performing in the production of "Songs For A New World" at the Count Basie Theatre back in April. Nick was also a semifinalist for the last 2 years for Fearless Icon, the singing competition similar to The Voice & American Idol but for musical theatre singers. 

Patrick Cerillo

Pat Cerillo started singing before he could talk! Pat has a music degree performing on trumpet and voice but did not discover his true love for four part a cappella music until hearing Blue Grass Student Union in 1998. Then he was hooked.

Pat has been a consummate Mid Atlantic District Quartet competitor since joining the Barbershop Harmony Society in 1998. His quartets have performed and entertained audiences big and small including the likes of Les Paul at the Iridium Jazz Club in Manhattan and as an opening act for Broadway and television star Jeremy Jordan. 

Pat believes that Music, in all forms, is truly the universal language that brings us all together. Keep the whole world singing!  

Jim Rohn

Jim started his Barbershop career back in 1980 with his Father, Uncle and brother all being a part of the Par-Troy Chorus out of Parsippany Troy Hills NJ. It was very soon after that Jim got the first quartet experience. He was in a very popular quartet called the Dad’s N Ladd’s. Parsippany had 4 father son combinations within its membership, so Jim, His Dad, and another father son combination, John and Tim Fagan, got together and spent many years singing together all over the tri-state area and through many quartet contests in the Mid-Atlantic District of the SBEBSQSA, Inc. that is now know as the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Jim has continued to sing with his family through out the years in several quartets with His brother and his son. Jim has also sung in the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Men’s Choral with his son with performances all over the world in some of the most famous venues and even for the Pope!

Jim has spent time in several different choruses in the barbershop world, most recently with the Brother’s in Harmony from Hamilton Square, NJ. BIH has been to the International Contest for the Barbershop Harmony Society finishing as high as 6th in the World! Jim is now singing with the Cherry Hill Pine Barons as the Music Vice President, Lead section leader and Assistant Director. 

Jim’s favorite singing memories are with his brother Norman with many different choruses and quartets over the years but always come back to the experiences that he has shared with many thousands of people and he is looking forward to many, many more.

Daniel Hutchinson

Dan has been obsessed with the power of the human voice since early on in his musical career. A fan of groups like Rockapella since the age of 13, Dan had been searching for an opportunity to become immersed with close-harmony singing. He began studying heavily on groups like Vocal Spectrum, Max Q, Acoustix, FRED and Ringmasters in order to one day have a mastery of the barbershop sound. 

His first experience came with Garden State Sound, a collegiate quartet out of his alma mater Kean University. He then when on to sing with Eclipse along with Jim where they would compete and place in the top 10 in the Mid-Atlantic District's Fall Convention.  

Outside of singing with Ovation, Dan plays saxophone professionally with several groups. He also teaches, composes and arranges music for many ensembles. For the last decade, he has been establishing his position as one of the most requested saxophonists on the NJ bar and wedding band circuit. You can follow his instrumental exploits at www.saxdan.com.